The numerous wildlife species which have adapted to coexist with humans in the urban sprawl of Queensland's metropolitan areas are a constant delight to urban wildlife enthusiasts.

Among the most fascinating are the often-maligned flying-foxes, who spend their days hanging out in suburban camps and provide a nightly spectacle as they fly out to forage.

As a Brisbane-based flying-fox carer since 1990 I have had the opportunity and privilege to photograph many orphaned and rehabilitating Black, Grey-headed and Little Red Flying-foxes.

Since moving to the Cairns highlands in early 2007 I have worked with a dedicated band of wildlife carers who rescue and rehabilitate bats - in particular the Spectacled Flying-fox (found only in the northern tropics and listed as a vulnerable species). My aim is to continue to capture something of the beauty and intelligence of Australia's spectacular megabats.

Also in the gallery are images of other wonderful native creatures who nest in our trees, feed in our gardens or inhabit our waterways - plus cards featuring native flowers and trees which provide food and shelter for our wildlife.

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